Cale Fire Department

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 47
Physical Address: 794 Westmoreland Dr.
Cale AR 71828

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Cale Fire Department

Special Training

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  • The Cale Fire Department Has (3) Certified First Responders
  • The Cale Fire Department Has (6) Certified Firemen
TitleFireman's NameRadio CallCertification
ChiefKevin Miller4301Fireman
Assistant ChiefRichard Johnson4309Fire - First Responder
                          William Warlow4306Fire - First Responder

Janis Warlow4307Fire - First Responder

Trevor Hunt4308Fireman

Mark RhodesNo RadioFireman

Jamie Tomlin


  • Truck # ----:  Pumper Truck  (Big Red Truck)
  • Truck # ----:  Brush Truck
  • (4) SCBA's
  • (2) Leaf Blowers